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March 29th, 2015

Online Bingo Game Styles

If you have never gone to a bingo hall or to an online site to play the good old game of bingo, you might be amazed not only at how much fun playing the game can be but also at the number of bingo game styles that are out there. Here’s a quick look at some of the ways in which today’s bingo is different from the version that you are probably used to.

Downtown bingo

90 ball bingo: This version of bingo developed in the United Kingdom, and is the world’s most popular version of bingo (here in North America we usually play 75 ball, but we also think football is played using our hands). 90 ball bingo has a lot of blank spaces on each card and also offers players three chances to win in every game.

Speedball bingo: If standard bingo game styles are a bit too slow for you, then you might want to try out an hour of speedball. At online and brick and mortar bingo halls, speedball is usually played in rounds that last for an hour. It’s quite the trip, especially if you know you tend to miss numbers even in standard games. The balls are called at a rapid pace and scorekeepers keep a tally of who has won. The player with the most wins at the end of the hour takes the prize, and there are generally prizes for other placings as well.

Pattern bingo: If you’re artsy, raise your hand. This one is for people who are tired of straight line wins and want to be a little bit creative. It’s surprising how many patterns a person can see in a simple 5×5 box when they are really looking, and pattern bingo wins mean you block out a certain shape. The pattern range from something pretty mundane like the outer square or the shape of a letter to ink splotch like patterns with names like “picnic table”. If letter patterns aren’t crazy enough for you, you can put the word crazy” in front of the pattern name and you’ll win even if that letter appears on its side or upside down.

The many different bingo game styles mean that bingo players will never run out of new ways to change the game up a bit and make it more interesting. Online bingo can be a particularly good starting point when you are looking for variations of bingo.

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