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How To Win Money

August 8th, 2015

How To Win Money At A Casino

If you’re looking for a tried and proven strategy on how to win money at casinos, look no further as we discuss 7 ways that increase your chances.

Know Your Odds

win money at a casinoThis is probably the most common advice people get, yet is ignored all too often. People think playing blackjack would be too difficult compared to playing slot machines. Putting a dollar in slots gives you a 0.1 percent chance of winning and 99.9 percent chance of losing. Sadly, though, you’ll find slot machines in casinos rarely vacant. The profits of a casino business is based on this concept. If you can figure it out, you’ll be able to focus on games that have the higher percentage of winning over the long haul.

Be Prepared Physically And Mentally

If you want to learn how to win money at casinos, you must be physically well-rested and mentally focused. Get some sleep before your occasional visit to the casino and fill up on some food. Stay away from alcohol and drugs that can prohibit you from making sound judgment. Even prescription medication that causes drowsiness should be avoided.

Don’t Get Greedy

Winning some money at casinos can be fairly easy to come by, given some luck, timing, experience, and skill. The hard part is knowing when to collect your winnings and get going. Winning in a string of bets is where people start to get greedy. They start to think they are unstoppable and will quadruple the money they originally came with. This ultimately ends up in disappointment. If you win something, regardless of how small it is, take it and run.

Know When To Quit

Playing at a casino is not a time for the famous proverb “Never give up, never quit”. If you want to keep your retirement savings, it is best to learn how to quit when you’re on a losing streak. Before you even go to the casino, know how much you are prepared to lose. Stick with that hard number and quit when you’ve reached it.

Try Your Luck At Blackjack

Blackjack is a great game to start off with because of its simplicity. You and the dealer each get two cards, and then flip over random cards from the deck with the hopes that their added value will sum up to 21 without going over. The technique is to know the chances that you will get the desired value and bet on those statistics accordingly. Compared with other casino games, blackjack offers good odds while also not getting to complicated for even first timers.

How to win money in casinos is a question of how disciplined you are as a gambler. If your goal is to make money, then focus on games that offer decent payouts with higher chances of winning. Practice good money management and follow the rules listed above, and by the end of the night you’ll either make money or protect your bankroll.

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