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What Is A Casino Bonus?

January 25th, 2015

sign up bonusIf you are new to the world of online gaming and casinos, one of the many questions you probably have is: what is a casino bonus? There are many online sites that will give new individuals who register to their site a bonus, as well as those who are already existing members and VIP members on the site, additional bonuses, depending on the amounts they bet on the site, and the amount of winnings they are earning when playing their favorite casino games on their online site.

New registrant –

One of the many bonuses a site will offer is for new individuals to their site. If you are just registering, downloading the software, and placing your first deposit, many casino sites are going to give you a bonus for signing up. Some will match the initial deposit amount you make, other sites are going to give you free money to play on certain games or slots; it all depends on the site, and on the type of promotion that they are offering, at the time that you decide you are going to register to play your favorite casino games on their site.

Existing players –

If you are an existing player, knowing what a casino bonus is, and when and how to get them, is also something you have to inquire about. Certain sites will offer bonuses if you play a certain game several times a month, or if you deposit a certain amount in to your account each month, the site might offer you some type of bonus. Being aware of what these are, and knowing how to reach the bonus levels, is something you have to be aware of, especially if you play online games and casino games with any one site, on a regular basis.

For VIP Members –

If you are a VIP member on a site, and have exclusive rights to certain games or tables, there are always online promotions that casino and gaming sites are going to offer to you. Due to the fact that you spend, and spend in high amounts on their site, the online gaming sites offer free play, they offer free money, and other promotions on a regular basis, to their top players, and to the VIP members that spend in the highest amounts, each time they do come online to play the games.

There are many bonuses, and there are different promotions that are offered at regular intervals, and to different classes of online gamers. Whether you are brand new to a site, or whether you have been playing for years, there are several bonuses you should be aware of, to get the most of your money, and to possibly play the most, without having to spend your own money. When registering for a site, it is important that you ask questions, do the research, and that you find out what is a casino bonus, in order to ensure you are going to get the most, by depositing the least amount of your own money online.