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Gamble Online For Real Money

October 5th, 2012

gamble online for real moneyAre you a lover of gambling? Do you have a hard time saying no when someone invites you to play a hand of poker or blackjack? Well gambling online may just be the thing for you. It gives you the best chances at winning some money and allows you to sit in front of your TV while you place your bets. It doesn’t get much better than this. But how do you go about gambling online for real money? Sure, there are plenty of games on the internet that allow you to play for the glory, but cash is even better. Read on my friends, and you may just hit the jackpot.

1. Open an Account

Before you can place any wagers or earn any money you have to have an account with the casino. Some people choose to use their credit cards to do this, while others use their bank debit cards. If you opened your account using one of these methods, the casino will not send funds to them. These methods are only good for making your initial deposit which is required for you to make your first wager. To receive funds you need the name of the person on your bank account, which obviously has to be you. You also need to provide your checking and routing number, and the name and address of your bank. You may also choose to use a money transfer service such as Click2Pay or eWalletXpress. Unfortunately, PayPal does not cater to online gambling.

2. Always Check the Odds of the Game

The odds of the game you choose to play make a big difference in how much money you are going to make. They call this the house edge. The higher the edge, the lower the chances of you winning. Slots always have a higher edge, while blackjack and poker are lower. Craps and roulette vary. While it is nice to play it safe to ensure your chances of winning, keep something in mind: although a certain game may be less likely for you to win, the payout is typically pretty high when someone does. It is a game of chance; sometimes you need to risk it.

3. Placing Your Bet

Placing your bet is extremely easy–it is done with a click of your mouse. This is what your initial deposit is for. However, many casinos give you bonuses for signing up and making deposits. This is free money for you to wager with. You have to watch out, though. Certain casinos place stipulations on the withdrawals of your bonus. You may have to meet a wager requirement first.

Keep in mind, too, that most games have a betting minimum and maximum. You may have to wager in $5 dollar increments, or bet at least $10 to get into the game. This is often seen when playing blackjack or poker. Once you wager, the money automatically comes out of your account.

4. Getting Paid

Once you have won a nice sum of money and wish to have it in your account–or better yet, in your hands–it is time to cash out. Some casinos allow you to cash out daily, others weekly. I personally feel that once a month is a better option. Each time you cash out there is a procedure you must follow; the less you have to do it, the easier your life is.

The first thing the casino is going to want is proof of identification. Usually when you first open the account with them they ask you to send them a copy of your drivers license along with a copy of a utility bill. They may ask for copies of these each time you withdraw money to prove who you are. They may also ask for any personal information you set your account up with as a means of identifying yourself. This is all for your protection.

The next thing to do is fax this information using a reputable company such as Staples. They keep a copy of all their fax transmissions. This is imperative and protects you against any fraudulent activity on the part of the casino. If they claim they never received the fax of the required documentation, you will have proof they did.

Unfortunately it may take a couple of days for the casino to go through the verification process, but once this is done, you should have your money in no time.

Gambling online is great fun, but doing it for real money definitely makes a big difference. Just be careful and be smart about it. You never know, you might just make some decent money doing something you enjoy.

Gamble Online For Real Money – What to Expect

November 21st, 2011

Everybody is out to get the best deal possible, and people wishing to gamble online for real money are no exception. There are many opportunities at online casinos for players to get extra cash as a bonus for playing at gambling sites, cash that can be used just as if you made the deposit yourself. To decide if the bonus offer you are looking at is the best online casino gambling bonus available to you, there are several questions you should ask.

An example of a bonus offer:

What type of bonus am I looking at?  Every casino online offers some of the same types of bonuses when you gamble online for real money. In order to determine which casino offers the top deals, you have to be able to compare similar offers. Sign ups, hard luck bonuses, club membership offers, and monthly promotions are all types of bonuses that online sites offer. Introductory bonuses have the incentive of giving new players a large amount of money on top of their initial deposit. Hard luck bonuses give players who have been unlucky during the month some extra money to use the following month. Club membership offers are only made to players who have signed up as members to the casino’s online club, and monthly promotions are bonuses which occur during a given month and may be applied to specific days of the week or specific games. The amounts given out for free by the casinos on each type of bonus will vary, so this is the first clue as to which site offers the best bonus.

What are the conditions? Many gambling sites count on people jumping at the offer as soon as they see how much money they can get for free. The very presentation of these offers is proof of this; they are large, brightly colored, and hard to miss. However, people who are really looking for a good bonus should always make sure to look into the offer a little more closely before making their decision; after all if you’re going to gamble online for real money you should always check out what exactly the bonus is by looking under the promotions link at the top of the page. This will give you further details on what to expect.

Terms and Conditions: There is yet another item to look at before deciding if this free cash bonus gambling online program is the best option for you. Each offer will come with a set of terms and conditions that details how a player will receive their bonus. There are often strict limitations set on when a player can withdraw their bonus and under what circumstances they can receive it. These limitations can be very detailed, so remember that the more conditions put on an offer, the worse a deal it actually is.

Some of the top sites will offer a split bonus. In this scenario, a player can receive more money for free by using a certain service that the casino recommends. Players looking into this type of bonus should also make sure to check out the individual providers for any transaction fees that might be incurred when they take their money out or deposit it. This can have a big effect on how much money a player will actually receive when they decide to gamble online for real money.