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Finding An Online Casino Gambling Guide

February 16th, 2012

As the popularity of gambling continues to grow, the industry is becoming more and more like its land-based counterpart. This includes the number of spin-off projects within the industry, such as the sale of souvenirs and books. Some examples of this growth phenomenon that are popular and widely distributed are the different types of casino online gambling guides.

If you are familiar with  late night infomercials, then the odds are that you are familiar with products that offer tips to help you succeed in gambling. Charlton Heston, among others, often appears offering advice on how to beat the odds at any given casino in games such as bingo, craps, and roulette. There are even books out on how to win at slots and other types of games where the numbers are randomly generated and are becoming increasingly hard to beat through the advances in technology. In order to help you make the best choice when it comes to purchasing an online gambling guide, here are some areas to look for.

Diverse listings of casinos

There are hundreds of different gambling sites out there for people interested in gaming from home, so if a guide names only a handful that enjoy good reputations as far as payouts, service, and security, don’t buy it. A really short list of sites usually means that the guide is being sponsored by one specific site or a group of sites in order to gain customers. While these sites are probably very reputable, they are certainly not the only ones out there that are. There are dozens of sites that are well-established and that offer good payouts to their winners. A guide should include a comprehensive list, or none at all. If the list is short, beware!

Promises of sure-fire winnings

Gambling is called gambling for a reason: there is always the chance that a player will lose money. Casino online gambling guides that offer tips for definite wins should be avoided, because no matter how sound the strategy that you employ is, in a game of chance there will always be the chance that you lose, and many times you will lose big. A good guide will detail the odds of winning at each type of game offered by online casinos, in addition to some strategies that could improve your odds. Never trust a source that says winning is guaranteed.

Information offered

A good casino online gambling guide will offer a lot of information on each type of game found in an online casino. The rules of the game should be described in detail, as well as the odds. Really good guides will go so far as to describe to a reader how the house makes sure that the odds are heavily tipped in its favor; in some cases, that will include some brief history lessons, as many las vegas style games have developed over the years to reduce odds by the addition or subtraction of numbers.

There are some casino games, such as bingo and keno, for which there are very few strategies that a casino online gambling guide could offer. Aside from playing as many numbers and combinations as possible, there is very little strategy involved in these games. Gambling guides may be useful, however, in offering guidelines on how to hedge bets and capitalize on winning, and this is probably the most solid information available through them.